How To Build Brand Perception Amongst Consumers?

Brand perception is very important. It is so important that sometimes brand gain success solely on the basis of feeling created in the psyche of the consumer. Marketers say that 80% of purchases are based on emotions and so role of a brand manager is to formulate strategies that help consumers identify with the products that they use and consider them as part of their personality.

There are various ways to create a brand identity and cash it for generating sale. Here are mentioned a few of them.

Logo designing: Brand logo is supposed to be the first identifying feature. Digital banner designer can also work upon brand logo and create one that can ring bells in the mind in the very first glimpse. Creative designers research a lot, gain opinions and try finding the thought about the logo to understand how it is being perceived.

Banner designing: A banner can be just an image or it may be a complete landscape. It can also be just a sentence or a combination of few words with a picture at the back. Companies hire the services of a digital banner designer who can create a quality banner telling nice story to the viewer. Banner leaves a long-lasting impression on the mind of a consumer and is supposed to extend curiosity generated by the logo.

Advertisement copy: Advertisement copy is the voice of the brand. Producer has to be very clear on the premise of what message he wants to convey to the consumer. Role of ad copy is to generate a feeling of indispensability about the product in the consumer’s mind. Also, ad copy has to go with the consumer’s profile. When the target audience is filthy rich consumers, ad copy saying product to be cost-effective is not going to create any curiosity. Thus, use words wisely.

Brand Archetypes: Every promotion campaign has to have a personality. Products are meant to become a part of user’s daily life and so it is important to generate a profile that has personality traits which any user can easily identify with. For example, Apple is considered to be a visionary, whereas Microsoft is a next door girl.

Word of mouth: When many people start saying same thing at a time, people start believing it. So, the best way to create a brand perception is by talking about it. Organizations should start talking about the product by creating a discussion forum comprising of the company insiders. This group then should share their conversation among people of outer circle. The ripple effect generated can help create a buzz about the product.

Building brand perception is the first step towards making the product a new rage. So, think wise but act emotionally; it can help touch the right chord.